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The Distinction Between Justice and Vengeance

                 The American “justice system” does not, in fact, dispense justice. What it does is exact vengeance upon those who have done society harm. (Whether that harm is tangible, or merely a violation of some collective moral code.)           The difference between justice and vengeance is quite important. The definition of “justice:” “just behavior or treatment”. The definition of “just” (for our purposes): “based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.” The definition of “vengeance”: “punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong.” (Source: online dictionary)           What we have in place is rarely fair. People whose crime is basically having no money, such as homeless people, can be charged with vagrancy and asked to pay a fine that they literally could never afford. The “crime” of prostitution (which is not against Path doctrine) results in jail time on top of monetary penalties, even though, in most cases, no harm has been don

On Heresy

Derived from Ancient Greek haíresis (αἵρεσις), the English heresy originally meant "choice" or "thing chosen". (Source: Wikipedia ) I am a heretic; I have chosen.   Everyone cherry-picks their ideas, theological and otherwise. Some are just more honest about it. As my old mentor/High Priestess Nan used to say: "Take what works, and shit-can the rest." Religion in particular should be seen as a buffet of ideas, no matter what religious authorities would have you believe. You can absolutely choose which tenets to keep and which to disregard. You would go mad trying to obey every commandment in Leviticus, for example. This freedom to choose has a few caveats, however. For one thing, it is important to remember that the rules you have chosen to follow only apply to you. It is never acceptable to force or expect others to agree with or obey your religious tenets, and the rule of law should not be based on your religious prin

The Official Path Wedding Ceremony

  Official Wedding Ceremony (Please note that all aspects of this Ceremony can be adapted depending upon the participants’ wishes.) The space should be Sanctified beforehand. Set up an Altar with flowers, candles, and any other items. Altar and Officiant should be in the North, and the participants enter, hand in hand, from the South.   Greeting Dearly beloved, we gather now to celebrate The most joyous of occasions: The union of (Name) and (Name) in holy matrimony. Bear witness as we join them together To share their love and lives. The solemn vows these two exchange today Are meant to last for all time. As such, this is not a bond to enter into lightly Or for the wrong reasons. (Name) and (Name) have been together For (time), and they are now ready To take the next step in their relationship. They come here today, hand in hand, To declare themselves before their loved ones, And take each other as partners in life.   ( Any readings or participan