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Zoom Meeting Sermon February 27 2022

  Zoom Meeting Sermon February 27 2022     Topic: Core Tenet #4:   Belief must be tempered with a respect for science. As thinking beings, we are obligated to do our best to understand the scientific method as well as basic scientific principles. Always be willing to learn new things about the Universe.   Religion and science have often been at odds with one another. Some religions don’t accept certain scientific discoveries, such as evolution or even the existence of dinosaurs, as truth. Galileo was imprisoned as a heretic. Although all these discoveries: evolution, dinosaurs, and a heliocentric model of the solar system, are widely accepted within the scientific community, there are, even in this day and age , a few rather vocal people who deny them.   There are even people who insist that the Earth is flat. However, the Path encourages us to be open to new ideas and new information. It seems like new scientific discoveries are being made every day. Some of those discoveries contra

Zoom Meeting Sermon February 20 2022

  Zoom Meeting Sermon February 20 2022     Topic: Core Tenet # 3:   Your body is your own, to do with as you will. This includes abortion and suicide, as well as food, drink, sex work, and even drugs, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone. Cannabis and other plant-based mind-altering drugs can be a sacrament before sacred work.   Your body is the only thing that belongs to you for your entire life, from cradle to grave. It is entirely up to you what you do with it. Although the Path does not promote or encourage abortion, suicide, or drug addiction, and supports programs and services that work to help people facing these issues, it is not our place to judge anyone who is harming only themselves.   This Tenet is likely to be somewhat unpopular, as both abortion and suicide are deeply emotional subjects. However, the practice of this Tenet calls upon us to exercise the most true Compassion, which requires us to set aside our personal emotions and only wish to ease the suffering of oth

Zoom Meeting Sermon Feb 13 2022

  Zoom Meeting Sermon February 13, 2022   Topic: Core Tenet # 2:   Practice the Eight Virtues: Self-Control, Balance, Integrity, Effort, Patience, Compassion, Mindfulness, and Serenity If you make a commitment to practice the Eight Virtues, you will find that they all influence one another in interesting ways: Self-Control and a certain degree of Mindfulness are necessary for the practice of the other Virtues, and it is by actively practicing all of the Virtues that we may attain Serenity. To practice Compassion requires Patience. Effort requires Balance, and Balance requires Effort. Patience requires Effort and Compassion, and so on.   Each of the Virtues has an associated Blessing and suggested meditation Mantra:   Self-Control is the Virtue. Restraint is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “I can only control me. Only I can control me.” -Reverend CJ Carlin Balance is the Virtue. Grace is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “Moderation is best in all things.” -Hesiod Integrity is the Virtue. Hono


 Tents. I see them everywhere: Along the highway. Along the sidewalks downtown (Where you can smell the reek of their urine because these poor people don't even have a socially-acceptable place to pee .). Even worse are the sleeping bags in doorways. Nothing more as protection from the elements, and it gets cold at night in January here.  I want to do something to help them. And maybe I can. 

Zoom Meeting Sermon Feb 6 2022

  Zoom Meeting Sermon February 6, 2022   Topic: Core Tenet #1:   Do no harm, unless in self-defense. (It’s important to note that when I say “self-defense,” I mean protecting yourself from real physical or psychological harm. If you must hurt someone to protect yourself, only do so as much as you have to .) Treat others with compassion and patience; everyone comes to Enlightenment in their own time and in their own way.   This is arguably the most important of the Core Tenets. The intent to do no harm should inform all your decisions, words, and actions.   Kindness can be challenging. It seems to go against our nature to be kind to someone we dislike or just don’t know. But being compassionate and patient with others is as much for our own benefit as it is for theirs; kindness leads to the ultimate Virtue and Blessing of Serenity and Peace. When your heart is kind, your mind is serene. When you choose to think or act negatively, your mind cannot be serene. Kindness also begets kindnes