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Zoom Meeting Sermon March 20 2022

Topic: Core Tenet #7:   Ka is a wheel, and everything moves in cycles: fashion, and war, and cultural revolution. Be prepared for everything to happen again.   The concept of Ka comes from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, a patron saint of the Path. The series is eight books long and is recommended reading. The word has two meanings: Fate (or Destiny) and Life-force (or Essence). This is because who you are as a person (your Life-force) determines what happens in your life (your Fate). Let’s take a look at how these two meanings are applied.   Ka as Fate can apply both on a personal and social level. In this context, Ka is a wheel, and the same patterns tend to repeat. A perfect example is the alternating popularity of capris pants and bell-bottoms. We also see cycles in history: we tend to fight the same battles over and over, in both the military and the cultural sense. This is Ka. In our personal lives, we may also see the same patterns repeating themselves. This happens bec

Zoom Meeting Sermon March 13 2022

Topic: Core Tenet #6:   The gender identities and sexual orientations of others are valid, and are to be respected. Use a person’s preferred name and pronouns.   This Tenet sometimes requires a great deal of Patience and Compassion. Any individual struggling with gender identity issues, or even those who have chosen to use a different name for other reasons, deserves to be addressed according to their wishes. While it can be hard to use a new name, especially if you’ve known the person since birth by their given name, it does you no harm to at least try to use it. It means a great deal to them for their identity to be accepted and validated by friends and family members. Transgendered individuals are at increased risk of suicide, and one factor that contributes to that risk is others’ refusal to use their preferred name and pronouns.   I have a couple of examples of individuals who, for one reason or another, chose a different name for themselves. My favorite nephew's name is Bla

Zoom Meeting Sermon Mar 6 2022

  Zoom Meeting Sermon March 6 2022     Topic: Core Tenet #5:   Just like yoga and meditation, sex is a way of connecting with the Divine aspect of the Universe and is considered a sacred act. However, the sex lives of others are none of your business, as long as no harm is being done.   This Tenet teaches that the act of sex should be reserved for those with whom we have a spiritual and philosophical connection. It is a way of growing closer to others, of sharing your mind, body, and spirit. This sharing of one’s total Self with another (or others; there’s nothing immoral about group sex), leaves you open to a powerful Divine experience. Some pagan spiritual traditions incorporate sex into their rituals, and it is beautiful.   At the same time, we should never judge or condemn others for their sexual habits, unless they are actively hurting someone. A phrase used often in the LGBTQ community is: “Don’t yuck my yum” and I think it’s a good one. Your morals regarding sex only apply to