Zoom Meeting Sermon Feb 13 2022

 Zoom Meeting Sermon February 13, 2022 

Topic: Core Tenet # 2: 

Practice the Eight Virtues: Self-Control, Balance, Integrity, Effort, Patience, Compassion, Mindfulness, and Serenity

If you make a commitment to practice the Eight Virtues, you will find that they all influence one another in interesting ways: Self-Control and a certain degree of Mindfulness are necessary for the practice of the other Virtues, and it is by actively practicing all of the Virtues that we may attain Serenity. To practice Compassion requires Patience. Effort requires Balance, and Balance requires Effort. Patience requires Effort and Compassion, and so on.  

Each of the Virtues has an associated Blessing and suggested meditation Mantra:  

Self-Control is the Virtue. Restraint is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “I can only control me. Only I can control me.” -Reverend CJ Carlin

Balance is the Virtue. Grace is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “Moderation is best in all things.” -Hesiod

Integrity is the Virtue. Honor is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “Know thyself” -Socrates & “To thine own Self be true.” -William Shakespeare

Effort is the Virtue. Reward is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “A better world begins with me.” -Reverend CJ Carlin

Patience is the Virtue. Acceptance is the Blessing. The Mantra is:This, too, shall pass.” -Persian Adage

Compassion is the Virtue. Charity is the Blessing. The Mantra is: Everything that does evil is in pain.” -Clive Barker

Mindfulness is the Virtue. Awareness is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “Be here, now.” -Ram Dass

Serenity is the Virtue. Peace is the Blessing. The Mantra is: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -Buddha

Some of the Virtues can be more difficult to practice than others. I personally struggle with Patience upon occasion, so I keep a piece of polished petrified wood on my desk, to remind me to be patient, both with others and with myself. Compassion can also be challenging in some situations, as we discussed last week, but with Patience and Mindfulness, we can train ourselves to be kind to others, even if they are unkind to us.  

We will be discussing each of the Eight Virtues in more depth later on, but for right now it is important to know that the practice of the Virtues is integral to following the Path. They are to serve as behavioral guidelines, so that we may go forth into the world and do the greatest good and the least harm. 


Reverend CJ Carlin 





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