Zoom Meeting Sermon April 17 2022

Topic: Balance

Maintain a balance between work and life, social interaction and solitary contemplation, caring for yourself and caring for others.  

Mantra: “Moderation is best in all things.” -Hesiod

Balance requires Mindfulness as well as Self-Control. Be aware of what you are doing and, more importantly, why you are doing it. Don’t allow any one thing to completely dominate your life. If you’re doing something productive, whether you work or otherwise contribute to society, give yourself time off if you can. It’s important to have down time, to relax and reflect. It’s also important to reconnect with the outside world sometimes. Although the pandemic makes this more challenging, even a brief walk or phone call to a friend can help restore your spirit after working all day. 


Balance also means serving our own needs as well as helping others who are struggling. For example, it is an act of Compassion to give or loan someone money, but you should Balance that out by making sure your own bills are paid first; you’re not required to bankrupt yourself to be Compassionate.  

The other part of Balance is physical. Yoga is a recommended exercise to improve not only your Balance, but also your strength and flexibility. You are encouraged to come up with a yoga routine that works for you and try to find time every day to practice it. (A series of recommended yoga poses, which comprise a slightly modified Sun Salutation, can be found in the Book of the Path and on my weblog.) 

What are some other ways you can practice Balance in your own life? 


Reverend CJ Carlin 



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