Zoom Meeting Sermon May 29 2022

Topic: Mindfulness

Be aware of where you are and what you are doing in the moment. Do all things with clear intention. Consume mindfully: never take more than you need. 

Mantra: "Be here, now." -Ram Dass


True Mindfulness takes Effort and Self-Control and is necessary for Balance. It also takes a certain degree of self-awareness; you need to know yourself and your true motives behind every word and action.  

Mindfulness also means being aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Be conscious of the space you occupy, respect others’ personal space, and be ready to react appropriately to changes in your environment.  

There is a situational aspect to the practice of Mindfulness; certain activities that are perfectly acceptable in one situation are wholly inappropriate in another. For example, daydreaming during a long bus ride versus daydreaming during a meeting with your boss. Know where you are and what you’re doing and behave accordingly. 

This Virtue also applies to consumption of all things. While Balance teaches us to consume in moderation, Mindfulness teaches us to consume with purpose and intent: be aware of the media you are consuming, and any potential biases. 

Being mindful of your body’s needs begins with being in tune with your material Self. This level of physical self-awareness can be enhanced with routine yoga practice, mediation, and contemplation.


Do you practice Mindfulness in your daily life? What are some things you do every day that require Mindfulness? 


Reverend CJ Carlin 


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