Zoom Meeting Sermon June 5 2022


Topic: Serenity

Remain calm and controlled, even in difficult times. Serenity is necessary for clear thought and right action and takes both Self-Control and Effort.

Mantra: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -Buddha

Serenity is both the ultimate goal and the natural result of following the Path; it is the true inner Peace that comes from practicing the other seven Virtues. Serenity is required to practice Compassion and Patience, because you cannot be Compassionate or Patient with an unsettled mind or disturbed spirit.

Maintaining one’s Serenity sometimes takes incredible Self-Control and Effort, but it is required to react appropriately in any given situation. It is most vital in a crisis, where your life or the lives of others may rely on you keeping a cool head, although your Serenity may also be challenged in your day-to-day life, when faced with stressful situations or people. Taking deep breaths, focusing on the task at hand, and ignoring or brushing off any inconsequential negative external stimuli will help keep you in the moment and in control of your reactions. 

Remember that, while you cannot and should not control anyone else, it is your responsibility to exercise Self-Control and avoid reacting to negative stimuli in a way that escalates the situation. If you choose to react to negative stimuli with Serenity, Patience, and Compassion, you can usually redirect the negativity and bring about mutual understanding. Even if you can’t, by practicing Serenity you can at the very least prevent another person’s bad day from ruining your own.

It is easy to practice Serenity when nothing challenges your peace of mind. How do you maintain your Serenity in difficult times?


Reverend CJ Carlin



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