Zoom Meeting Sermon July 24 2022

 Topic: Finding Your Own Higher Power

The Path itself is atheistic; it does not recognize any one god or set of gods in its practice. The sixteen individuals who make up Pantheon of the Path are more like patron saints than gods. However, this does not mean a follower of the Path cannot find and recognize their own Higher Power in their own way. You are encouraged to seek your own connection to the greater, Divine aspect of the Universe, in whatever guise in which it reveals itself to you, and to call it by whatever name you prefer, whether it be “God” or something else. Of course, you are also free to attribute your own characteristics to your Higher Power.

Even as an atheist, I still pray; all I do is open myself up to the Divinity that is what I consider the collective cosmic consciousness. This collective consciousness is made up of everything that lives and generates energy, including humans, animals, trees, and even the Earth itself. It also includes any extraterrestrial life, energy, or consciousness that we haven’t encountered yet. Like Heinlein said in Stranger in a Strange Land: “All that groks is god.”

However, unlike a god, this consciousness is neither omnipotent nor omniscient. It is omnipresent, in that it exists everywhere there is life, but it is not a separate entity from life, it is life. It is not independently sentient, although it is partially comprised of individual minds and energies; it does not think for itself or make demands of us. It is neither benevolent nor malevolent; it is energy in its purest form, and therefore morally neutral. It does not tempt. It does not judge, nor does it condemn, but it does tend to balance itself out, repaying the energy you put into it, which makes logical sense and is consistent with the teachings of Ka as a Wheel. It is what I believe we came from and return to upon our passing from this life, and what I am talking to when I talk to my late father.

In my Wiccan practice, I honor the archetypical energies of the old gods and spirits, which I consider to be part of that collective consciousness. It is also what I tap into when I read Tarot cards.

But that’s just what I believe.

The important thing to remember is that your connection to the Divine aspect of the Universe is yours and yours alone. It is never appropriate to demand that another person or institution recognize or impose your interpretation of your Higher Power on anyone else. Spiritual autonomy is just as important as bodily autonomy to following the Path. Everyone has a right to find Divinity for themselves. Remember to exercise Mindfulness, Self-Control, and Patience when following your spiritual Path.

Do you have a personal Higher Power? Why or why not?


Reverend CJ Carlin



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