Zoom Meeting Sermon August 28 2022


Topic: Zen Scroll

From a Zen Scroll:

'There is really nothing you must be.

And there is nothing you must do.

There is really nothing you must have.

And there is nothing you must know.

There is really nothing you must become.

However. It helps to understand

that fire burns, and when it rains,

the earth gets wet.

While you are encouraged to meditate upon this set of statements and reach your own conclusions, there are a couple of ways that I choose to interpret them. First, I read it as an admonition that there are always consequences to our actions. I also see it as a reminder that there are certain constants in the Universe that apply to everyone, whoever and wherever they are.

We don’t have to be kind, or mindful, or benevolent, but whatever we do, there are consequences. If you surround yourself with negative energy and negative people, and you reflect or add to that energy, you will be miserable. Worse, you will make others miserable just from being around you. But if you cultivate positive energy in your life, and work to maintain positive relationships, you will be much happier. It’s just common sense: people will react to your attitude, and your mindset is under your control. This isn’t to say that nothing bad will ever happen to you if you keep a positive outlook, but your mentality when dealing with adversity will affect how easily you get through it and put it behind you.

It's also important to recognize that there are constants in the Universe. Fire will always burn and rain will always wet the earth. These things, like gravity and the rotation of the planet, can always be counted upon. They are also things that are outside of Man’s control; we must learn to adapt to them. Common experiences such as these can even help us relate to others who may be much different than ourselves; you can talk about the weather with nearly anyone.

Do you have your own interpretation of the scroll that you would like to share?


Reverend CJ Carlin


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