Zoom Meeting Sermon February 12 2023


Topic: Core Tenet #7 and Ka as a Wheel

While official Path doctrine is agnostic on the topic of life after death, we know from experiment that one’s Ka continues to exist after one’s body has ceased to function. I used to view such an idea with abject horror, but after several conversations with my late father, I now find the concept reassuring. Today’s sermon is based upon a discussion I had with him on the subject of my understanding of Ka as a wheel and also as another word for higher consciousness, and how to apply that understanding to daily life.

What I call the “Collective Cosmic Consciousness” could also be considered the Ka of the Universe, consisting of all thought, all emotion, and all memory since the beginning of Time. We are all also a part of that Cosmic Ka, which is how I believe we can tap into it. In the grand and beautiful scheme of things, there are wheels within wheels; your individual Ka is but one of an infinite number of overlapping circles, stretching across the vast all-encompassing circle that is the Universe itself.

Just as Ka is a wheel, most wheels are also manifestations of Ka; the changing seasons are the Ka of the Earth. Even the repeating cycle of night and day is a representation of Ka. Once you start paying attention and know what to look for, you see these circles and patterns, both large and small, everywhere. The Wheel of the Virtues, which is a journey of the soul from Self-Control to Serenity, is intended to be a reflection of the Wheel of Ka. And of course the Twelve Portals from the Dark Tower series are expressed as a wheel because they are also reflections of Ka.

Scientifically, we know that all living things, including the planet itself, generate and emit a natural energy, like an electromagnetic field. Your brain actually runs on bioelectric energy. All of this energy can also be considered Ka. What some people, especially practicing witches, have known for centuries is that not only does this energy exist and have a purpose, you can train yourself to consciously perceive it. I say “consciously” because most people already do sense this energy at a subconscious level, but do not know what they are feeling. Any time a person feels “off” to you, or you are inexplicably drawn to an individual, you are acting partly in response to that person's energy. This is also why it is so soothing to walk among trees and wild plants: their Ka is slow, deep, and calm.

So what do we do with this information? Well, for one thing, you can open your mind to messages from the Universe or even communicate with non-physical entities, including some of your late ancestors. The more we understand about the Wheel of Ka, the greater our understanding of the Universe itself and our role within it. And when you recognize the patterns in your own life, you can better control your reactions and take control of your own Ka, which leads to Serenity.

Do you recognize cyclical patterns in your personal life or in the world at large?


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