Just a Thought

 In Christian mythology, there is a story about how god told Abraham to kill his son, so Abe was all cool with it because he was apparently a righteous man. So he takes his son out to totally murder him. (Remember, this is the same god who actually included a commandment in the Big Ten about how you are not supposed to kill people.) 

So they are up on the mountain, and Abraham is all geared up to kill his kid because god told him to, and some angel shows up and plays the worst Gotcha! moment in just about any given mythology. The kid is saved.

What they do not tell you is that from then on, Abraham and his son had the most awkward relationship ever. 

"Would you please pass the murder- I mean, rice?"

"Want to go hiking?" "No thanks, Dad, I remember what happened the last time we went hiking."

"So what brings you to therapy?" "My dad tried to kill me once. No, really. He had the knife in his hand and everything."

Just something to think about.


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