No man is an island; I would never have done what I have done without a lot of love and support from some wonderful people. Here they are:

My late father, Myles. He taught me to think for myself, to question authority, and to find my own Path if I need to. His questions and observations always led me in the right direction.

My mother, Doloris. No matter where my spiritual path led, you let me live my truth as it was at the time, and never judged me. You also never made me feel unloved or unwanted, and you didn’t pressure me into becoming something I wasn’t; you always let me be myself. I love you, Mama!

My second ex-husband and dear friend, Marcus. You have your own private faith, which I will always respect, as you have always respected mine. You were my cheerleader, and made some insightful observations that helped to shape the Path. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

My beloved little sister, Lisa. I love bouncing philosophical ideas off of you, because you get what I am saying better than anyone. Having a sister is having a built-in best friend, and you have been there from the very beginning.

My precious daughter and only child, Deanna. There was a time when you were my only reason for living. It will be up to you to preserve my legacy after I am gone. I know you are up to the task, as you have grown into a strong, smart, independent woman who knows her own mind. I am incredibly proud of you.

My coven sister and best friend, Courtney. You have answered every question gently and honestly, never making me feel bad for having to ask. You brought me into your world, and a wonderful world it is! I look forward to many adventures with you and your fascinating friends.

My boss and mentor, Trinity. You are patient, kind, supportive, and understanding. You are one of the many reasons I love my job, and look forward to working for the company until I retire.

The author Stephen King. Although we will probably never meet, your work has served as inspiration, as well as comfort and escape when I really needed it. Your stories resonate with me in many ways. I am, and will always remain, a Constant Reader.



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