On Omnipotence and the Negation of Free Will


Omnipotence and the Negation of Free Will


If there is an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent deity, then our concept of free will is an illusion.

Consider this: such a deity (let’s call it God, as so many are wont to do) knows everything you will ever do, every decision you will make, from cradle to grave. It is impossible for you to do anything other than that which he has already seen; you cannot surprise God, you cannot do anything contrary to his plan. Nothing will ever happen that he did not know about beforehand, and in fact directly caused, as the creator/controller of the universe. Were there such a deity (and I’m fairly confident there is not), he would be responsible for every tragedy, every atrocity, every natural disaster humanity has ever endured. If there is such a deity, humanity owes him nothing. In fact, I would say he has some serious explaining to do.

Now, some of you may be saying to yourselves: What about the Devil? Isn’t he responsible? Doesn’t he tempt men to do evil? Great question! Here’s my answer: The very idea of an adversary to an omnipotent being is ridiculous. An all-powerful being could wipe out a “lesser” entity like the Devil (who is, according to Christian mythology, a mere fallen angel) in an instant. The whole game is rigged because one side has literally all the power. So if there is a Devil, sometimes God lets him win. Which is also pretty messed up because it’s the human race that pays the price.


Reverend CJ Carlin



  1. To this I ask, "if we are all created by this Omnipotent being? thus coming forth from it own loin. Residing within it, seeing as it is everything and everywhere. Is It not the experience, the journey, and the destination? Rather, a question arises, are we all(humanity) this diety being? Like how the ocean is the tsunami. Like how the air creates the tornado. Like the earth creates volcanoes.


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