Zoom Meeting Sermon April 10 2022

 Topic: Self-Control

Control of one’s words, thoughts, and actions, with the intention to do maximum good and minimal harm. As thinking beings, we have a responsibility to use our minds to improve the world we live in as best we can. 

Mantra: “I can only control me. Only I can control me.” -Reverend CJ Carlin

Both statements in this dual Mantra are of equal importance. The first statement reminds us that we cannot control others, and shouldn’t even try, as it is a violation of their free will. The second statement means you cannot forfeit control of yourself to another, absolving yourself of personal responsibility. You are solely accountable for your own choices, words, and actions, and their consequences. 

Self-Control is integral to all aspects of the Path. It is the first step towards Enlightenment, and Self-Control is required to some extent to practice the other Virtues.  

The Blessing of Self-Control is Restraint, which also requires Balance and Mindfulness. Moderate your consumption by taking only what you need. Mind your words and actions, with the intent to do the most good and the least harm. With Self-Control, you can train yourself to be a positive influence in the lives of others. You can choose to keep your negative thoughts to yourself, and analyze them to determine why you have those thoughts and how you may rid yourself of them to attain inner Peace.  

Self-Control also means holding yourself accountable. Everyone messes up sometimes, but if you make a mistake or cause some harm, apologize and try to remedy the situation. Take those moments as a learning opportunity and do your best to move on as a better person. 


Serenity is the ultimate goal of the Path, and Self-Control is where that journey begins. Do you struggle with Self-Control? If so, what are some ways you can remind yourself to practice this Virtue? 


Reverend CJ Carlin 



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