Zoom Meeting Sermon July 31 2022

 Topic: The Spiritual Value of Getting High

Connection or communion with your Higher Power can be achieved in various ways. Some people pray, some meditate, and some augment those practices with psychoactive substances, both natural and synthetic. The most important thing is the state of mind, not the method that gets you there. As you all know, my personal preferred method for reaching that elevated state of mind is Cannabis. I’m something of a Weed Jesus; I like to preach its many benefits, and that’s what I’d like to talk about today.

We have evidence of both medicinal and spiritual use of cannabis for thousands of years; it has been used spiritually in India probably since prehistoric times. Multiple cultures have included Cannabis in their sacred observances, including Rastafarians in Jamaica, in Judahite worship in Israel dating back to the eighth century, and in China about 2500 years ago. (Source: Journal of Cannabis Research) Cannabis has evolved alongside humanity; we all have cannabinoid receptors in our brains and the hemp plant can grow just about everywhere humanity can live. It’s a symbiotic relationship, given how many uses there are for the plant itself. Aside from smoking or otherwise ingesting the flower or its extracts, the fibers in the stem can be used to make cloth, paper, and a wood substitute. As well as THC, some strains of cannabis contain high levels of CBD, which has multiple medicinal uses, including pain relief and treatment for anxiety. Cannabis can be used to treat nausea, glaucoma, IBS, Crohn’s disease, and has shown promise as a weight loss aid. Regular use can alleviate the worst symptoms of PTSD, as I can attest, since I haven’t had a nightmare in years. Although Cannabis isn’t chemically addictive, it is possible to become psychologically dependent on it, especially if you’re using it to treat insomnia or mental health issues. If you are using Cannabis medicinally, make sure to discuss it with your health care practitioner. There may be underlying problems that require additional treatment, but Cannabis is a valid medical alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals. One major benefit of using Cannabis, especially for pain relief, is that you cannot overdose on it. The most it will do is make you fall asleep.

There are two primary varieties of Cannabis: Indica and Sativa. There are also hybrids that combine the effects of the two. Indica strains produce a body high, relaxing all your muscles and sometimes making you sleepy. We call it “couch lock.” It’s best for late afternoon or before bed. Sativa strains create a more energetic, mental high, best for daytime. I do most of my writing under the influence of a Sativa strain. The high I get from smoking cannabis is a deeply euphoric and spiritual high; I feel connected to the greater Universe in a profound way. My favorite way to pray is to get stoned and listen to my Liked songs on Spotify on shuffle, keeping my mind open to messages from the Collective Cosmic Consciousness. That’s how I get inspiration for sermons and other writing, as well as interesting ideas for discussion. Sometimes, I get inspired to create something, like a picture of the Green Man that I printed out and colored. Cannabis can also be a social herb; you can partake with friends and family for a completely different experience. I’ve had some of the best conversations with Lisa and with Courtney while sharing a bowl or joint.

Cannabis is the only thing I do not do in moderation; I’m usually at least a little bit stoned, and on weekends I basically just stay high all the time. However, I am planning to cut back a little for financial and tolerance reasons. (About the only downside to smoking weed all day long is that eventually you develop a tolerance to it and it takes more herb to produce the same effect. Although Lisa has been a stoner for years, I could now smoke her under the table.)

It needs to be said that Cannabis, like any mind-altering substance, is not for everyone. Some people are allergic to it. Some just don’t like the feeling of being high. Others have their own preferred method of communing with the Universe. While it is only polite to offer a hit of whatever you’re smoking, it is never okay to pressure somebody to imbibe if they decline.

That is why Cannabis is considered sacred flora. What are your thoughts on Cannabis?


Reverend CJ Carlin


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