Zoom Meeting Sermon January 8 2023


Topic: Core Tenet #2 and Crafting Your Own Wheel of the Virtues

This will be a brief sermon. We are going to talk about creating your own version of the Wheel of the Virtues and offer some suggestions on how to go about doing so.

The second Core Tenet of the Path reminds us to practice the Eight Virtues: Self-Control, Balance, Integrity, Effort, Patience, Compassion, Mindfulness, and Serenity.

Followers of the Path are encouraged to craft or create their own Wheel of the Virtues. The order of most of the Virtues in your personal Wheel are up to you, as long as you begin with Self-Control and end with Serenity.

There are a few options for what to associate with the Virtues. You can use plants, animals, stones and crystals, or colors. You could even assign Virtues to book titles, if you feel that the story demonstrates that Virtue. You can also have as many Wheels as you want. Here in the Temple of the Path, there is a Wheel of coloring pages on the wall and one of stones and crystals on my Shrine. The best place to keep your Wheel is in your sacred space. That may be a corner of your bedroom or in another room entirely. My sacred space is my study.

As far as the materials, structure, and location of your Wheel, that is also entirely up to you. By means of strategic symbol placement, you can transform an entire room into a Wheel, as I have done here in the Temple. If you associate colors with the Virtues, you can use things like stones or candles in those colors on your Wheel. The important thing is that you relate to your personal Wheel of the Virtues and can use it to remind yourself to practice them.

Have you already created a Wheel of the Virtues for yourself? If so, would you like to share or describe it?


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