The Path Doesn't Care

 Here is a list of all the things that the Path does not care about:

What you wear.

The other consending adults you have sex with.

How long your hair/beard is.

If you get an abortion.

Who or what you choose to worship, if at all.

Who you pray to, or if you pray.

How great you think it is. 

Which bits of it you agree with.

Here is a list of things that the Path does care about:

How kind you are.

If you are willing to grow and seek Enlightenment.

Providing practical advice on how to be a better person.

That's pretty much it. I feel like being kind is enough of an emotional burden (if you're doing it right), and seeking Enlightenment is a full-time job. As discussed before, your treatment of your  mortal vessel is of no consequence to the practice of the Path. There is a prayer, about being open to blessings with a grateful heart, but it is kind of addressed to the Universe rather than some creepy all-seeing father figure, and anyway it is more of an optional extra than a mandatory litany. 


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